Who says chickens can't fly?
chicken with goggles and jetpack


Welcome to our website! There's not much here except for the blog and a few links of interest to my family.

We do get one frequently asked question: How did we come up with the name "Sonic Chicken"? Well, when I was trying to register a family domain (back when the only TLD's available were .com, .net, and .org), I tried every meaningful domain name I could think of, but none were available and acceptable to my family. Finally in despair I spouted the most non-sensical thing I could think of: "How about 'Sonic Chicken'?" My children enthusiastically replied, "Yeah, that sounds good!" and shockingly, my wife agreed. So here we are. It's kind of grown on me over time. Now if I could just do a better job on the graphic...


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