Internet programming language?

I stumbled across this post from almost exactly one year ago. Joseph, I salute your effort, and the fact that you made this work is very cool, but I think this approach (relatively low-level network programming) may be the wrong track to pursue. I think a more appropriate method would be network API’s for new or existing applications, or at least higher-level libraries.

Network overhead is obviously vastly more “expensive” than local function calls, so you should probably reserve network functions for heavyweight applications. You mentioned databases–I think this is actually a good use of network programming! I have in mind something like the USPS’s ZIP code lookup. There is obviously a database backend on this web app. Granted, one cannot make arbitrary database queries (nor inserts, updates, deletes), but it does serve up the data quickly and competently. The database sits on the same machine (or topologically “close”) to the API server. Google is another example, and smarter people than I will come up with many more already-existing web services with DB backends. I think this is where Internet programming can really shine!

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