J-blue theme not calling gatekeeper_pose_challenge automagically

I’m wondering if the known bug in gatekeeper 1.5 depends on which theme you’re running? I’m running journalized-blue, and it was rejecting comments with “Sorry, posting has been closed for the time being.” errors.

I’m running Eric Meyer’s gatekeeper anti-spam tool. He has one known bug listed, where the auto-challenge feature doesn’t always insert the challenge in the comment form. I had tested this when I first installed the software, and it worked at the time, so I forgot about it. Then I added a bunch of themes to my site. I started getting a few complaints from people, saying that comments were closed, so I went and checked all my settings–all my comment settings looked correct, so I was stumped. Until I remembered about that known bug…

I found that my journalized-blue theme was rejecting comments from non-registered users. I added an explicit call to gatekeeper_pose_challenge() per this suggestion on Eric’s page.

I put the following code in the journalized-blue theme comments.php, between the email and text inputs:

if (function_exists('gatekeeper_pose_challenge')) {
gatekeeper_pose_challenge('',3); // default format string, tab index==3

(Need I mention that this needs to be wrapped with php tags?)

I have the theme switcher installed and several themes available, so I’ll log out and try to comment on this post anonymously with each of my themes.

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3 Responses to J-blue theme not calling gatekeeper_pose_challenge automagically

  1. jim says:

    Well, I tried all my themes. The only one that worked was my modified J-blue theme, with an explicit call to the gatekeep challenge function.

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  3. I found myself that Spam Karma works for me as well.

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