Crock pot BBQ’d beef

My wife got this great, easy recipe for BBQ’d beef from Judy Shields, one of her co-workers.

– 2.5 lb beef roast (a pot roast worked very well for us)
– 12 oz bottle of beer
– 1/2 onion, sliced
– garlic salt
– seasoning salt
– ground pepper
– 1 c BBQ sauce (Uncle Dougie’s are our favorites)

Put everything except the BBQ sauce in a crock pot and cook for about 8 hours on low or medium. Add the BBQ sauce, turn the crock pot to high, and cook for another hour.

At this point, you can pull the beef out and slice it. It’s pretty tasty this way, but if you can put the crock pot in the frig overnight and shred the cooled beef the next day, it’s even better. Strain the juice back into the shredded beef and you’ve got some awesome BBQ!

We’ve also made this using a cross-rib roast, but this cut didn’t have enough fat for the beef to be easily shredded–we had to slice this roast. Still very good, just not as easy to arrange on a bun this way.

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