What the heck is ‘sudoku’?

My youngest child just started 7th grade, and her math teacher sometimes assigns a puzzle called sudoku for homework. The first time she asked me to help her with one of these assignments, I thought it was a variation on magic squares. But after looking at the rules for completing a sudoku, I realized that it’s completely different. A sudoku is a pure logic puzzle, whereas a magic square is an arithmetic puzzle. The fact that most sudoku (e.g. in newspapers) use digits 1-9 is merely convenience. Some sudoku puzzles use letters, while others use geometric and/or colored symbols. I found a pretty nice sudoku application on the web, if you want to give it a try.

I’m very interested in the information theory and coding aspects of these puzzles. It strikes me as being somewhat like compressing a file. (Actually, I guess it would be “decompressing”.)

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  1. mp3-players says:

    Hi, people! I have some interesting facts for you 🙂 Anyone know that sudoku was created by an architect? The modern Sudoku was designed anonymously by Howard Garns, a 74-year-old retired architect and freelance puzzle constructor, and first published in 1979. One more: I heard that my favorite game – the popular puzzle game of Sudoku is brought to the next generation of consoles. Go! Suduko 2 has evolved from the original game to provide a variety of new features and game modes. 🙂

    Thanks, Kevin

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