I am Ironman

Intro to Black Sabbath’s “Ironman” should be played here…

Check out the Superhero quiz and see who you are! (Hat tip to Joseph for pointing this out.)

About Jim Vanderveen

I'm a bit of a Renaissance man, with far too many hobbies for my free time! But more important than any hobby is my family. My proudest accomplishment has been raising some great kids! And somehow convincing my wife to put up with me since 1988. ;)
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2 Responses to I am Ironman

  1. Warboss says:

    WHAT?!!!?? Jim is Ironman!!!!? (*gets out pen for autograph*) always knew there was something about him….It’s a funny quiz, I’d recommend it. For what it’s worth I end up as the Flash or Superman depending on the cape option. Go figure! 😉

  2. Punk says:

    I am Superman! I’m not sure if that is a compliment or not, or if a sex change is in order!

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