Tree removal

[SMUD][] had a tree-trimming crew come by our house over the last two days. They spent the first day clearing all the “bushes” (which were nearly tall enough to reach the power lines!). Yesterday they finished the job by taking down a ~50 year old zelkova that was planted right under the power lines. Check out the “before” and “after” pictures:



(Sorry about the poor image quality on the “before” pic. I didn’t think a tripod was needed, and I had no idea that I was supposed to disable automatic exposure control for panorama pictures. Lesson(s) learned on the “after” pic though!)

Now that SMUD has taken care of most of the junk “trees”, we need to get some bids on removal of the last three problems: the skinny maple near the center of the fence, the clump of privet in the right corner, and a palm tree that’s off the right of the frame in the “after” picture. We’re going to use this (southern) edge of our property for our garden, so we need to get maximum sunlight in this area. (This was the main reason we used chainlink when [we replaced our south fence][new fence].) The palm tree (out of frame) needs to come out to make room for Barb’s quilt studio.

[new fence]:

Update: I shot another panorama this morning, with the sun angle about the same as my “Before” picture. This should give a better comparison:



Also, this new “After” picture shows the palm tree I mentioned in the article.

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  1. I hate privet almost as much as ailanthus (tree of ‘heaven’), but only because it doesn’t grow quite as fast. I’m going to need to remove a bunch of it before next spring.

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