Open letter to motorists

I’m a bicycle commuter here in Sacramento, and I’ve had my share of bad encounters with motorists. I’ve often thought of posting something here on the blog to let motorists know what it’s like to ride a 30-pound bicycle while 3,000-pound cars are whizzing by right next to me, honking, yelling, or just plain ignoring my presence. But somebody has already taken care of this for me! Check out [CrazyBikerChick][]’s [open letter to motorists][].

[open letter to motorists]:

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  1. Warboss says:

    Having been a cyclist many, many, many years ago, and had my share of interesting experiences, all I can say is “I understand”, but remember not all cyclists display the necessary level of intelligence, common sense or skills required to stay alive in a 30lb vs. 3,000lb world. As I’m sure there are many cyclist stories about “bad motorists” there are an equal number of “bad cyclist” stories. I’ve had my run-ins with a number of bikers that must feel “uber” or “invulnerable” with some of the lane chopping, non-stopping or “quick dart” tactics I’ve seen. I agree that we need to share the road, but the sad simple truth is that bike vs. car s is a bad match up and since motorist’s skills seem to be getting worse, not better the only support I can offer is from my mother, “Make sure you keep one eye on the road and other on all the nuts on the road.” Yes, the funny part is it requires more than two eyes. Sad, but true.

    Best of luck to all who “green commute” stay safe and take care.

    The linked story is great showing a little understanding goes a long way. Yet, if I were still cycling I would still heed my mother’s advise.

  2. When it comes to Motorist vs Cyclist, Walkers/Joggers vs Cyclists, and the like, down here in Orange County we gots more issues than you can shake a stick at, and I have a whole archive worth of material on Sharing the Road issues.

    BTW, I loved Crazy Biker Chick’s essay!

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