Porch tear-off

We got to do our first *serious* demolition over the weekend–tearing down the back porch!

100_0644.JPG 100_0668.JPG

Check out the [porch tear-off photoset](http://www.flickr.com/photos/sonicchicken/sets/72157600160665671/) on Flickr for more pictures and notes. We took a video of the actual demolition, but that’s about 40 minutes long and it’ll take some time to edit that down to a reasonable size. We’ll post that when we get it finished.

Effusive thanks to (in order of appearance) Barbara & Reggie, Dad, and [Andy][]! We couldn’t possibly have done this without their help. A couple of people are missing from the picture below: Dad had to leave as soon as the roof came down; Barb and I took pictures of each other with the crew, and the picture she took came out much better than mine, in spite of the fact that I appeared in her picture. 😉


[Andy]: http://warboss.wordpress.com/

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  1. Warboss says:

    It’s all about the demolition 😉 Can’t wait for that wall to come down, heh 🙂

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