Father’s Day 2007

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. I was wondering how we would manage to get the entire roof sheathed, considering that we’d have to quit work at about noon on Sunday so we could get together with the extended family. Alas, my problem is solved–the framing crew isn’t going to be able to finish the roof by Friday afternoon, so we dodged that bullet.

But now the dilemma is: which aspect of the project should we try to accomplish this weekend?

* Pick up the vent hood for our new range. (The GC wants to check the framing requirements for this unit.)
* Move some studs in the “wet wall” of the shower/tub. (There is a stud right in the middle of the wall, where the shower valve should go.)
* Double-check that the wall sheathing is all nailed off.
* Gable-end sheathing on the quilt shop.
* Buy a new high-efficiency water heater.
* Tear off more of the shingle siding.

We’ll probably try for “all of the above”, since we probably won’t have a free weekend again for quite a while…

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