Final demolition party!

We’re getting ready for our final[*](#2007-07-05_note1) demolition party–tearing off the back wall of the original house. We still have to cut a score line around the ceilings (which we’re trying to save) then brace the ceilings near the walls that will be removed.


Barb has been removing the exterior wall boards, and I’ll be pulling the power lines out of the walls the day before demolition party. Speaking of which…

Our final **demolition party** will be next Sunday, July 15. We’ll be starting at 7:00 am, but if that’s too early for you feel free to show up during the heat of the day. 😉 Our objectives will be:

1. Salvage the windows (6) and interior doors (6).
1. Demolish the kids’ bedroom entirely and take down the south wall of our bedroom.
1. Strip the kitchen: *carefully* remove the [dishwasher we installed two years ago](; remove countertop tile; pull out cabinets (all five of them!); salvage the range and kitchen sink; pull up the linoleum.
1. Take out the south and west kitchen walls.

If you’d like to come and just gawk, that’s fine too. We’ll provide food, drink, and as many tools as possible. Please bring a pair of gloves, safety glasses, hammers/sledge hammers, pry bars and wrecking bars if you have them. Be sure to write you name on everything! We’ll have sharpies if you forget…

RSVP via email or by commenting here so that we know how much food and drink to have on hand.

* “Final” for [phase 1][remodel phases].

[remodel phases]:

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4 Responses to Final demolition party!

  1. misty scharff says:

    Sure would like to come and help, but it’s my little pirates Bday party! Arg. Take care.

  2. Jim says:

    Jeez, some people really have their priorities screwed up. 😉 Gay and Richard will be out of town, so we’ll have to appoint somebody else as videographer.

    I heard from “The Punk”–she’ll be there. I’m pretty sure Barbara and Reggie, Dad, and Chris will be there.

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  4. Jim says:

    Bill says he can’t make it. Tod’s going to be on the road. Andy probably will be there, not sure about Katy. That brings us to eight people (including Barb and me).

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