While we were visiting San Francisco yesterday, we heard a band playing out in front of Pier 39. They sounded pretty good, so I picked up their CD on the spot: “[Funkiest Man in Africa][]” by [AfroFunk][]. (The band is actually named “Sila and the AfroFunk Experience”, but that’s a mouthful. Besides, the back of the dude’s jacket is labeled “AfroFunk”.) With 10 guys, it’s a big band, and they were puttin’ on the full effect yesterday–a lot of texture to their music, and a helluva lot of soul. I’m looking forward to more from this group.

> Dance like no one’s watching,
Sing like no one’s listening!
— “Got No Money, Get No Respect”

![“Funkiest Man in Africa” cover](

Added bonus: when I searched the ‘net for these guys this morning, I found that the front man, [Sila, has a blog]( (WordPress-powered, even!) He’s not writing much lately, which is a shame because it looks like he’s got a lot of important stuff to say.

[Funkiest Man in Africa]:

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