Work on the house, or spend some time on Broadway? Hmm…

Whenever I’m not at work, I’ve been spending almost all my time on the [wiring for our remodel][], but it’s been going pretty slow. (I only have about three hours each evening, and it takes me longer than a professional electrician to do the job.) It’s Friday afternoon, (yippee!), and I’m taking “vacation” next week, so when I get home tonight I’ve got **nine straight days** to work on the wiring.

But you know what they say about “all work and no play”… I just noticed that [R5 Records][] is having their grand opening tomorrow. In case you don’t know, R5 is the brainchild of Russ Solomon, founder of the now-defunct Tower Records. He’s even opening R5 in the former Tower Records location on Broadway. I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist the attraction of R5, the new [Avid Reader][] location, and the [Tower Theater][], all within yards of each other! *Plus* [Gunther’s Ice Cream][] just a few blocks away. Yum!

So I’m thinking maybe working tonight and tomorrow morning on the wiring. When it starts warming up in the afternoon, I’ll see it I can talk the family into a trip down Broadway: Hit R5’s grand opening party, check out Avid Reader, maybe catch “[2 Days in Paris](” at the Tower, then head down the street for some ice cream. I’ll have to see how much electrical stuff I can crank out in the next ~24 hours…

[wiring for our remodel]:
[R5 Records]:
[Avid Reader]:
[Tower Theater]:
[Gunther’s Ice Cream]: “Yelp! page for Gunther’s”

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