Welcome to another blog post, transcribed by [Jott][]. I’ve been using a service called [IWantSandy][] to keep track of my calendar, appointments, contacts, etc. It’s pretty cool, and it works with Jott (once you [set up Jott and IWantSandy](http://iwantsandy.com/help/jott) to recognize each other), but there are a few limitations and problems.

[Jott]: http://jott.com
[IWantSandy]: http://iwantsandy.com

Update: continuing post in the “traditional” way…

Jott will only record 30 seconds, and you can’t speak too quickly, so that was all I was able to “post” via Jott. But the 30-second message limit shouldn’t be a problem when using it with IWantSandy. Sandy is [quite capable](http://iwantsandy.com/help/guide) as an “e-ssistant”, although some functions require more precise syntax than can currently be achieved with Jott. (The biggest problem I’ve run into is the inability of Jott to transcribe an “at sign” (@), which Sandy uses for tagging.)

Check out IWantSandy later today. (The site will be down for a while this morning for maintenance.)

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