Building permit extension

Our current project actually consists of two separate permits–one for the addition/remodel, and another one for Barb’s quilt shop. We’ve been focusing on getting the house done, so much so that the permit for Barb’s shop is about to expire. I called the [Sacramento County Building Department]( to request an extension, but it turns out that you have to make such a request *in writing*.

I was hoping that we could get some work done on the shop, get another inspection and keep the “permit clock” ticking. So we’ve put off asking for an extension until very nearly the last possible moment. My permit is only a few days from expiring, and *now* I find out that I have to deliver a letter to get an extension?!? During the holiday postal rush, of course. I guess I’ll just deliver the thing personally. grumble, grumble…

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ah, permits. We’ve had more than our share of struggles there. Ours have to be requested in person. And renewed in person. With plans in hand. I swear, every time I’m in there I end up struggling to maintain some semblance of composure. I feel ya.

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