F minus 6 and counting…

Final inspection in six days! Over a third of the items on the [final inspection punch list][fipl] got done today. (Unfortunately none of the attic work got done.) I have to go to work tomorrow, so I’ll probably only get one or two things done in the evening. But I’ll be at home again on Friday or Monday (depending on our HVAC contractor’s schedule). Either way, that’ll give me a 3-day weekend to finish everything else.

[fipl]: http://sonicchicken.net/blog/wordpress/20080430/one-week-til-final/

Work to be done:

* Install smoke alarms. The wiring is done, except for power feed. Other than that, all I need to do is put up the ceiling mounts and attach the smoke alarms.
* Install fluorescent lights in the kids’ closets. Wiring is done, just need to put the fixtures on the walls and hook them up.
* Bolt the dishwasher into its cabinet.
* Finish installing both attic fans. (Each about half done already.)
* Finish wiring and test the whole-house fan.
* Clean up the light- and switch wiring for the attic lights.
* Wire and install ceiling light in entry.
* (sub) Kevin (the mason) will be out Friday this week to extend the chimney to the required height.
* (sub) José will install the A/C condensor on Friday or Monday.

Here’s what happened today:

* Install the last few (5) switch- and outlet covers (utility room and garage).
* Install last two exterior outlets and weather-proof covers (front porch and outside the new bathroom).
* Install final two exterior lights (outside the back door).
* (sub) Patch the ceiling in old bathroom hallway.
* (sub) Pour the concrete pad for the A/C condensor.

Now that the ceiling is closed up, we’ll be able to use our new whole-house fan (as soon as I finish wiring it). The weather has cooled off again, (I don’t know if it even hit 70°F/20°C today), but it will certainly warm up again in the near future. With our old fan we used to get by quite comfortably up to about 95-100°F, and that was without insulation! It’ll be interesting to see how hot it gets before we can’t stand it and have to turn on the air conditioner.

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