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We have a few recipes from friends in France and Sweden that use metric measurements. Some of the volume-volume (e.g. 1 teaspoon=5 mL) or weight-weight (e.g. 500 g=1.1 pounds) conversions are pretty trivial. Other conversions are more difficult, and I wanted to document these to ease future recipe conversion.

One of the common, slightly difficult ingredients is butter. Most domestic recipes with which I am familiar give butter measurements by volume (e.g. “2 Tbsp butter”), whereas all of the metric recipes I’ve made measure butter by weight (e.g. “50 g butter”). I don’t want to go through deriving the conversion; instead, here’s a table showing a few common measurements and approximations (indicated by a leading “~”):

US-metric butter conversion
US measure Metric measure
~½ stick 50 g
~1½ Tbsp 20 g
1 lb ~450 g
1 stick (¼ lb) ~115 g
¼ c ~55 g
1 Tbsp ~15 g

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  1. Good! Those conversions really help! Thanks.

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