T minus 1

Thanksgiving Eve! 🙂 Things to do today:

– Make stuffing
– Get mac-n-cheese ready for the oven
– Make pie crust(s) dough
– Hard-boil the eggs for deviled eggs
– Make another pumpkin roll (Barb thought the first one would disappear too quickly)

And finish cleaning up the house!

About Jim Vanderveen

I'm a bit of a Renaissance man, with far too many hobbies for my free time! But more important than any hobby is my family. My proudest accomplishment has been raising some great kids! And somehow convincing my wife to put up with me since 1988. ;)
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One Response to T minus 1

  1. Jim says:

    This year I realized that I should be making the stuffing *before* (or while) Barb de-bones the turkey. All the trimmings from the stuffing are things that I need to make turkey stock.

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