I do a lot of boardgaming, either with my family, friends, or even perfect strangers, although lately I’ve had to cut back quite a bit on boardgaming in lieu of working on my [remodel project][]. Blog entries about boardgaming are tagged with the keyword [“boardgames”]( “All boardgame-related blog articles”).

I’m one of the organizers for the [Sacramento Boardgames Meetup][]. We meet every Tuesday evening, plus we have several weekend events every month. Most people tend to be interested in multi- (3+) player games, so 2-player games such as backgammon don’t get much play.

I’m also a member of the [BGG][] “virtual community”. If you’re even marginally interested in boardgames, you should at least stop by and check out the site.

One of the tools I found on BGG is the “games recently played” widget. Below are the last five games I played:

The “games played” list is from the [BGG][] database, which I often forget to update. But this widget is just the sort of thing that will help remind me to log all the games I play. If you’re a BGG user, check out the [GeekWidget generator][] to get your own!

[remodel project]:
[Sacramento Boardgames Meetup]:
[BGG]: “BoardGameGeek”
[GeekWidget generator]:

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