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‘vagrant ssh’ errors

I picked up a copy of Learning Puppet 4 shortly after publication and went through some of the examples and exercises. Pretty straightforward, although there were a few glitches in the examples, as is typical with any fast-moving technology. The … Continue reading

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´╗┐Coffee roasting

Last year my wife bought me a countertop coffee roaster, and I’ve been hooked on home-roasting coffee ever since. Lately I’ve also been roasting in our convection open, which works great for medium- to medium-dark roast. (I use the countertop … Continue reading

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Finally moving to https!

I haven’t been using my blog lately because I’ve been trying to find a reasonably-priced service that offers encrypted web connections, i.e. A few weeks ago my current hosting provider, Pair, started offering that as a free service. Woot! … Continue reading

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