WP-Gatekeeper blocking pingbacks and trackbacks?

Joseph and I have been testing WordPress’s pingback and trackback features, neither of which were working for either of our blogs. After flipping a whole bunch of options on and off, we determined that the culprit was WP-Gatekeeper. (This is not intended as a slam on Eric Meyer, who does excellent work!) Joseph is digging into Eric’s code as I type up this entry, so hopefully a patch will be on its way to Eric ASAP.

The diagnosis of this problem was greatly simplified by RedAlt’s Ping-o-mation tool. Multajn gratulojn!

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3 Responses to WP-Gatekeeper blocking pingbacks and trackbacks?

  1. jim says:

    Here’s a link to Joseph’s post, including the 2-line patch.

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  3. quietearth says:

    unfortunately redalt had a crash a while back and pingomation hasn’t been up since, but I’ve put up a replacement at http://www.quietearth.us/webtools if anyone is interested

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