Borderline Chaos not honoring date format?

A fix to the awesome Borderline Chaos theme. I started noticing that my blog’s date format wasn’t being used, so I started poking around some more in the theme files. I found a couple of places where hard-coded date formats had been used. The following patches take care of these issues. Careful! I have been fiddling with the theme files already, so my line numbers may not match the master files’. A little human intervention may be needed, and the patches only involve three or four lines of code changes so it’s no biggee to take care of this manually.

index.php patch
single.php patch

I tried using the function “the_date()” out of template-functions-general, but it’s a little too smart for its own good–this function automagically hides the date if it’s the same as the “previousday”, i.e. if the first two posts are dated the same, the date will show up on the first one but it will be suppressed on the second one.

Update: 2005-09-03T05:26 UTC
As mentioned in this article, I created a single patchfile containing all the changes I made to Borderline Chaos. I’ll document these later.

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