Turning up the heat on Gee Dubya

The VoteToImpeach/ImpeachBush site has been around since before GW was elected. For some reason, they haven’t been getting much attention from the so-called “liberal media”. But since the Downing Street Memo came to light on 1 May 2005, things have been getting a little less comfortable for “the President Quayle we never had”. And bloggers have been one of, if not the, main reason for the whole brouhaha.

In this article from 17 Jun 2005, the “Sacramento Bee” reports, …the memo … got scant attention in U.S. newspapers or broadcasts until liberal bloggers castigated the U.S. press for not exposing inconsistent Bush statements on the war. Yay, liberal bloggers! (If you are asked to login or register for the articles at the SacBee site, just go to BugMeNot.)

And opposing the liberal bloggers, is… the “liberal” media?!?. In this article, (also available on Common Dreams), Molly Ivins has some pretty sharp things to say about how the mainstream media has been trying to bury the whole DSM story.

Just like Watergate, the longer the spotlight stays on, the longer that more embarassing information comes out. On the DowningStreetMemo.org’s blog, a post which reports that at least one person in the British government knew that the WMD claims used to justify invading Iraq were “totally implausible”. (Of course, nowadays the reason given for invasion is “spreading democracy”. Don’t ask me how foreign occupation==democracy. Perhaps the Poles, Belgians, Dutch, French, et al, understand this based on their experiences with Germany in the 1940’s.)

So HOORAY for the liberal team. Keep up the heat! VoteToImpeach (among others) is planning demonstrations on 24 Sep 2005 in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. With Republicans controlling both houses of the legislature, I doubt that impeachment will actually happen. But the radical right has already shown that a President doesn’t have to actually be impeached in order for their party to suffer at the hands of the voters. Let’s give the wing-nuts on the extreme right a taste of their own medicine!

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