Passive cooling strategies

I’m reading a useful-looking article (free PDF) in the August/September 2005 issue of Home Power discussing passive cooling. The third page has a sidebar titled, “Bioclimatic Graph with Cooling Strategies”, which gives suggestions for which type(s) of passive cooling system is appropriate for a given climate. The sidebar looks very helpful, except that it requires that you know average monthly minimum and maximum temperature and relative humidity. The sidebar suggests, “You can find this information online at the National Climate Data Center.” But I’m not having any luck finding the humidity data, either via the NCDC or Google. 🙁

I can get very cool graphs of recent climate info from the MESOWEST station interface for KSAC (Sacramento Executive Airport, a nearby weather station), but this doesn’t give me the monthly averages. (Yes, I could calculate the monthly averages based on data from 1997 to the present, but I won’t.)

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