Gönül’s European Bistro

My wife and I had lunch today at Gönül’s on ‘J’ Street in midtown Sacramento. In a word: Awesome!

We ordered (and split) the artichoke ravioli and margarita (the pizza, not the drink), both for $8.95 on the lunch menu. I’m glad we arranged to split these, because they were both delicious although I’m not sure I could have finished either of them on their own. (Too much of a good thing, you know?) There were a bunch of entrees that sounded good on the menu, definitely some difficult choices ahead the next time we eat here.

The interior of this place was pretty striking. Very high ceilings (~15 feet), interesting curves, angles, lighting, upholstry and paint colors. Lots of art on the walls, much of it very attractive. The whole south side of the room made up of tall windows looking onto the patio tables and ‘J’ Street. (Perhaps not the most beautiful view at lunch time, but the natural light is very pleasant.)

We’ll definitely be back to sample more of this excellent food!

Gönül’s J Street Café
3839 ‘J’ Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 457-1155

Update 2006-03-31: I received an email alerting me that the blog software returns “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” when searching for Gonul’s (without the umlauts). So I’ll try to be sure and include the ASCII spelling in all posts about this restaurant. I’ll also tag all posts with the keyword gonuls.

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  1. Nicholas says:

    That place caters all of our staff development days at the school, but I’ve never actually been to the restaurant itself. Guess I’ll have to check it out sometime.

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