What’s the “Terror Alert Level” currently?

I used to think that Gee Dubya’s “Terror Alert Level” was completely worthless, but now I’ve discovered that it does indeed have its uses — parody and satire!

Current Terror Alert Level:
Terror Alert Level

I think this neatly skewers the fearmongering basis of the pile-of-crap Terror Alert Level. Honestly, if all you are told is that Terror Level is “orange” what in God’s name are you supposed to do? Stay home with your children and panic? Go to work and panic? Wake up, people!

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One Response to What’s the “Terror Alert Level” currently?

  1. Warboss says:

    I’m not sure about you all, but quite frankly a “Bert” level of security scares the hell out of me (and sums up the overall effectiveness of our government to deal with the matter). LOL! Funny how appropriate this alert scale is. I have to wonder what “Elmo” level is if “Oscar” is “all clear”.

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