CSUS housing survey results not viewable

Update: My thoughts on the housing village project are in another post.

CSUS recently did a survey and published the results on the web. Very commendable so far. But somebody apparently tried to work around browser incompatibilities by making a simplifying assumption: that the only web browsers in use today are Netscape and everything else (which can only mean you’re running Internet Explorer):

if (navigator.appName == "Netscape")
	Netscape-specific settings here.
	IE-specific settings here.

Several people who were interested in the results of this survey are not using Netscape or IE, and their requests for browser-neutral access to the results have not been answered. One person also pointed out that the interface doesn’t follow web accessibility guidelines. I’m not up-to-speed on WAI, so I can’t take care of that. But I can make the results pages available. Each link below leads to one of the survey results pages. Enjoy!

Please remember the cardinal rule of the web: Write your pages to be viewed by any browser!

  1. Classification
  2. Status
  3. Timebase
  4. How many years have you been employed by the University/Auxiliary?
  5. What is your age?
  6. # Adults
  7. # Children
  8. What is the gross annual income of your household?
  9. How many people contribute to the gross annual income of your household?
  10. Do you currently own or rent?
  11. Please estimate what your current mortgage, insurance, and property tax payments total per month.
  12. If you RENT your home, what is your monthly RENT payment – without utilities costs?
  13. What type of housing do you currently live in?
  14. How many bedrooms are in your home?
  15. How many bathrooms are in your home?
  16. Current Size
  17. Do you have a member of your household with a disability that affects the type of housing choices you make?
  18. What is the distance from your home to the campus?
  19. What is your primary mode of transportation from your home to the campus?
  20. What would you estimate your commute time to be on average – one way – from your home to the campus?
  21. How satisfied are you with your current housing situation?
  22. Please check any of the following concerns that contribute to a dissatisfaction with your current housing situation.
  23. Have you ever considered leaving the University because of housing issues?
  24. First Choice in Housing
  25. Second Housing Choice
  26. Rent/Own
  27. # Bedrooms
  28. # Baths
  29. Desired Size
  30. Affordability
  31. Porch
  32. Patio
  33. Yard
  34. Garage
  35. Storage
  36. Modern Appliances
  37. Security System
  38. Energy Efficient
  39. Internet/Wireless
  40. Cable/Satellite
  41. Community Garden
  42. Parks
  43. K – 8 Charter School
  44. Childcare Center
  45. High Tech Center
  46. Fitness Center
  47. Entertainment Venues
  48. Pool/Jacuzzi
  49. Recreation
  50. Restaurants
  51. Community Center
  52. Retail Shops
  53. Affordability
  54. Proximity to Campus
  55. Access to Light Rail/Transit
  56. University Affiliation/Relationship
  57. Children’s Services
  58. ”Green” Project
  59. Design of Community
  60. Design of Housing
  61. Security/Safety
  62. Pet Friendly
  63. Interest?
  64. Sign Ups

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4 Responses to CSUS housing survey results not viewable

  1. Joseph Scott says:

    I was able to view the site with Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera without any problems. What browser were you using that ran into problems?

  2. jim says:

    I’m using Firefox 1.0.6 on Windows XP. Were you able to see/use the navigation buttons or pull-down menu in the black-backgrounded frame at the bottom of the page?

  3. Joseph Scott says:

    I don’t see any navigation features at the bottom of the pages in Firefox, IE, Safari or Opera. I didn’t see anything in the source code about this either.

    The code for the pages is ugly and wrong. Some of the HTML tags are just plain incorrect, the fact that these pages are viewable at all is pretty amazing. They couldn’t find a student assistant who could put together a decent looking site with valid HTML?

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