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Just finished watching Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism. (The link goes to Netflix, but I borrowed my copy from the Sacramento Public Library.) If you haven’t seen this show, I strongly recommend it. It totally skewers Fox’s “Fair & Balanced” hype and exposes their organization as right-wing propagandists.

I especially liked the “behind the scenes” featurette on the DVD. This film was made with the help of several volunteers who collectively watched Faux News 24×7, looking for the most egregious examples of yellow journalism. After these volunteers finished their work for Outfoxed, they wanted to continue their efforts; thus was born the News Hounds blog.

Another project associated with this movie is Free Press, a “nonpartisan organization working to involve the public in media policymaking,” which is becoming more and more critical as the centralization of news reporting continues. Please, if you’re an American citizen, do your country a favor–watch this movie, and check out the links above.

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