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One of the many cool things about the BoardGameGeek website is the ability to research games prior to purchase. Whenever I find a game I’m thinking about buying, I add it to my BGG wishlist and set the priority field to “I’m thinking about it.” You can then view and compare these by going to your BGG “Collection” and selecting “Owned: No” for your criteria. I usually sort the games under consideration by BGG rating and work my way down the list. Since I’ve normally got more games on the list than I have money to purchase them (or space to store them!), I’m initially looking for reasons to eliminate a game from my wishlist — if I find a reason to drop the game, I just uncheck the “Add to Wishlist” setting.

Once I winnow the list down, I start making entries in the Comments box. The first thing I put in is the price, then any reasons I might be particularly interested (or not) in this game. I also make judicious use of the “GeekBuddy Analysis” feature. (In fact, some day soon I’ll write an entry devoted entirely to GeekBuddy features.) After commenting on my wishlist games, I set/adjust the priority (from “Gotta have it!” down to “Thinking about it.”) These settings don’t appear in the unowned games list, but they are a sortable column on your BGG wishlist — This is the link I give to family and friends when they ask what I want for Christmas.

The only shortcoming of the wishlist screen is that the Comments field isn’t shown. I’d like to see both Wishlist Priority and Comments presented on a combined screen. Maybe a note to Aldie is in order…

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  2. david belin says:

    How does one add games to the BGG wishlist? I just joined after reading this blog, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to add a game to my wishlist. Any help appreciated…david

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