“Wizards of Winter” clip

“Humor” isn’t really the correct tag for this post: it’s more along the lines of a “diversion” than outright funny…

If you’ve got Windows Media Player and a fat pipe, I received an amazing WMV media clip (about 4.8 MiB) from Becky, a.k.a. “The Punk.” These people had way too much time on their hands!

Sorry for not providing an open format — If somebody has a “translation” of this clip, please leave a comment with a link!

Update: According to snopes.com, this is an actual video (vs computer-generated or stop-motion animation) from Christmas 2004 done by a guy named Carson Williams of Mason, Ohio using Light-o-Rama controllers. Some of the links in the snopes.com article are broken. In particular, the instructions link times out when attempting to contact the server. 🙁

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2 Responses to “Wizards of Winter” clip

  1. Becky says:

    The music is by Trans-Siberian Orchestra! As far as whose house, and who put it together, I do not know. TSO will be at Arco on Saturday – if you haven’t seen them, they put on an awesome show!


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