Wenelli’s Pizza

When we first moved back to Sacramento a few months ago, one of our first priorities was finding a purveyor of that great American staple–pizza! We checked the yellow pages and found a Round Table nearby, so we tried them. The place was nearly deserted, and we soon found some of the reasons: the service wasn’t very good, and the pizza was worse. Thinking that maybe they were having a bad night, we gave them another chance about a week later, but they blew that one also. The staff was too busy chatting to take our order when we walked up to the counter, and then they brought us a pizza that wasn’t fully cooked. 😡

A few days later my wife and I were driving around the neighborhood. Tucked into a corner of a nearby stripmall I noticed a sign, “Wenelli’s Pizza.” It looked kind of quirky and interesting, so we decided to check it out. It turned out to be the most incredible pizza place I’ve ever tried! It’s a small family-owned place with space for about 40 people, and it’s usually pretty busy, although we’ve never had to stand around waiting for a table. (Now we know why Round Table down the street is always empty.) The pizza is excellent and the service is friendly and personal. They have some good beers on tap, as well as Budweiser and Coors Lite. 😉

Wenelli’s Pizza
4215 Arden Way (map)
Sacramento, CA 95864
(916) 482-1008

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5 Responses to Wenelli’s Pizza

  1. Warboss says:

    What!?!??? Budweiser and Coors are beers? Who knew?

  2. Kevin Ellingson says:

    I might have to try that sometime. Personally, I am rather fond of Giovanni’s.
    They make great New York style pizza.

  3. c with says:

    I go there all the time, I actually found this site by googling wenellis to get the number for a delivery order 😀

  4. Brandon Hall says:

    Wenelli’s Pizza is the BEST!!

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