New game at home: King of the Beasts Mythological Edition

I picked up a new game last week: “King of the Beasts Mythological Edition” is a 2- to 5-player card game. It plays very fast, maybe 5 or 10 minutes for experienced players. I’ve had a little trouble teaching it to my family so I tried the “learn it by playing it” trick, and they all got it right away. Everybody has enjoyed it so far, but we’ve only played about 4 games so I don’t know about it’s replayability.

One thing we have found out is that the cards are a bit flimsy, as they’re already starting to show signs of wear. These cards are nothing like those in other games by Playroom Entertainment, e.g. Killer Bunnies or Sitting Ducks Gallery. Since the cards represent basically the entire game, I think Playroom should have put more production emphasis on the cards. They could keep the price down by shrinking or eliminating the box and/or cardboard insert.

I’m going to stick a tally sheet in the box so we can keep track of exactly how many times we play this before the cards become unusable. Given the already evident wear, I have suggested to Jess (Viking Hobby) that she not re-stock this game until the company does a better job on the cards. Too bad, because it really is a surprisingly interesting little game.

Check the BoardGameGeek ratings for this game.

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