Delicious library, anybody?

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One of the things I’m going to try out when my PowerBook comes home is Delicious Monster. This is a library management system for the Mac which can catalog books, movies, music, and video games. I’ve got plenty of the first three, (although most of them are currently in storage), but I don’t have any video games. One thing I’ve proposed to the developer(s) is a way to support boardgames, especially providing links to the corresponding BoardGameGeek entries for my games. (And for extra-cool bonus points, provide some way to synchronize my BGG collection with the DM catalog.) I can’t find my feature request on their web site, nor does it appear on the DM blog. Well, I guess I can submit it again…

Some of the other slick features of DM are public “shelves” to display your stuff and a “borrower” tracking system so you can share your books, music CD’s, videos, and (hopefully!) boardgames without losing track of them. (I’m really looking forward to the tracker, since I’ve lost more than a few books over the years that I loaned out but were never returned to me–usually nothing intentional, just people forgetting to return the book and me not remembering to whom I loaned it.)

Just an aside: I found a story on Wired! about the original development of Delicious Monster. This sounds like my kind of “office”!

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