BitTorrent on Mac OS X

I tried to download the latest version of OmniOutliner this morning and discovered that Omni’s normal download server is hosed. They have cobbled a replacement together at an employee’s home, but the network connection is pretty overworked. The number of simultaneous downloads is severly restricted, but at least they have set up a queueing mechanism instead of making people retry their download. Even better, they have set up a BitTorrent server, which isn’t queued or throttled. While I was waiting for my OmniOutliner download, I found a BT client, downloaded it, then used BT to download OmniOutliner; meanwhile, I had moved about halfway up the queue to begin downloading. I’ve left BT running so my copy can be used as a seed, but I’m not sure if my ISP will block the traffic. According to Omni’s BT download stats, I’m the third “complete” of six downloads. (Presumably this means I’m the third seed?) I’ll leave it running for a few hours and see what happens. Hopefully somebody will benefit from the sharing of my bandwidth/disk space.

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