Subversion on Mac OSX not working?

I was finally going through Chris J. Davis’ article, SVN on MacOS X. I downloaded the Subversion package to my Mac and it works fine via the command line, but I ran into trouble with scplugin, (the tool which bolts SVN on to the Finder.)

The first (easy) problem was that the download link for the scplugin binary is out-of-date. It’s now available here, on the Documents & files page.

The second problem: SCPlugin doesn’t seem to work. I’ve restarted the Finder a few times, but I can’t find a Subversion context menu anywhere. This is a bummer, but I can work from the terminal app for a while I guess. I may even have a chance to fiddle with this some more over the weekend.

In case anybody wants to know, I’m running MacOS X 10.4.3 on a 17″ PowerBook G4, svn version 1.3.0 and SCPlugin revision 269.

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3 Responses to Subversion on Mac OSX not working?

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  2. Ant says:

    Once you’re in that finder open window, hit / (forwardslash) to enter any folder. SVN is probably in /usr/local/bin/

    Your context menu should then appear. Mine does. But SCPlugin STILL doesn’t do a fucking thing. Which is how I found your post…

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