Subversion/Finder integration on Mac OSX

I found a lead on why Subversion may not be working with Finder in Mac OSX (Tiger, version 10.4.4) on the System Preferences... tool. There is now an “SCPlugin” item on System Preferences. Open this up and you’ll find a checkbox labeled Enable Finder Integration (which was unchecked on my system). I checked this button, but there was no visible change on any of my Subversion-controlled files. I relaunched Finder, but still no indication of Subversion status on my files. It may be that I need to specify the Subversion Executable on the SCPlugin preferences, but there is no way for me to type in the path–there is only an Open button which launches a Finder-style widget, and I can’t figure out how to navigate to /usr/local with it.

Wait, maybe it is working, sort of… I just right-clicked on a Subversion-controlled file and found the “Subversion” context menu, but none of the operations seem to be doing anything. I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to type in an absolute path in Finder for the svn executable.

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  1. stu says:

    hit shift + apple + G when you are trying to browse to the svn file
    ps does your anti-‘comment-spam’ thing work? the ‘spell this’?


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