Bike Talk Radio/podcast off the air

One of, if not the oldest bike-related podcasts, Bike Talk Radio, broadcast its final show yesterday. 🙁

Scott Alumbaugh, the producer/host/engineer/webmaster for the show, wasn’t satisfied with the quality of recent shows and wasn’t able to find somebody to help him prepare the weekly 30-minute show. I know that a half-hour show takes several hours to put together, and having to do it on a schedule while holding down a job and raising a family would be exceedingly difficult.

I only recently found out about this show, and I was very interested in getting together with Scott to do some episodes covering the Sacramento bicycling scene. I’m guessing that Scott would still be willing to work on bike-related podcasts, if he didn’t have to do all the work himself and especially if it wasn’t on a weekly schedule. I’d be more interested in doing an occasional podcast, i.e. whenever I had something worthwhile, instead of being driven by a weekly broadcast deadline. Another benefit of this approach would be a more flexible format–if a show takes 35 minutes, or only 25 minutes, that’d be okay for a podcast.

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