Apologies to commenting readers

Due to spam-pollution I have had to increase my defenses here. Unfortunately, this means that humans (cf spammers, i.e. sub-humans) wishing to comment here now have to answer a simple challenge in order to post. Not a big deal for the occasional comment, but regulars may want to know that there is a way around this–Register for this blog and you will be able to bypass the challenge. This assumes that you have cookies enabled, and you only use one computer. If you use multiple computers, you will need to log in the first time you use a different computer.

I’m really sorry about this. I wish there was another way to handle it, but this was the only solution I could come up with.

About Jim Vanderveen

I'm a bit of a Renaissance man, with far too many hobbies for my free time! But more important than any hobby is my family. My proudest accomplishment has been raising some great kids! And somehow convincing my wife to put up with me since 1988. ;)
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