Judges Cup 2006

Caitlin on the way to Judges' Cup Caitlin warming up for floor routine Caitlin began her level 5 gymnastic season last Sunday at the 2006 [Judges Cup][] held at [Sac State][]. This was her first meet as a member of [Pozsar’s Gymnastics][] team.

We were up against some stiff competition in our session: [Airborne][] and [San Mateo Gymnastics][] always do *very* well. I was unfamiliar with [Central Coast Gymnastics][], the final squad in our session, and they had only one athlete in Caitlin’s age group so I didn’t get to see much of them.

Trudi, Pozsar’s head coach, was a bit worried that our girls would lose points for wearing a sleeveless leotard to a meet, but a new athlete joined our team a few weeks ago and she hasn’t received the team’s competition leotard yet. We didn’t want to exclude our newest team member, so everybody wore their tiger leo’s and we took the deduction for our non-standard uniforms.

Caitlin was still feeling a bit of jetlag after her return from Sweden last week. (I’ll write about the Sweden trip later.) She didn’t rank very well in her session, even though her scores were actually pretty good:

Event Score
Vault 7.700
Bars 8.100
Beam 8.225
Floor 8.500
All around 32.525

I believe a score of 32.000 is enough to qualify for Zone finals, so I’d say 32.525 isn’t bad at all!

Caitlin's teammates

*Caitlin and her teammates, getting some last-minute instruction from Trudi. Left to right: Cassie, Alyssa, Caitlin, and coach Trudi.*

I think all the girls were a little disappointed with their rankings, but they were up against some really good teams. It’s a bit disheartening to start the season this way, but they seem to be bouncing back and working *very* hard in practice this last week. I’m looking forward to watching Caitlin and all the rest of Pozsar’s gymnasts throughout the season. We have some great meets to look forward to, but I’ll have to write about the upcoming schedule in a follow-on post. For now, I’ll close with a group picture of the whole team:

Pozsar's 2006 level 5 team

*Left to right, front row first: Tori, Carly, Megan; Alyssa, Caitlin, Cassie, Marci; coaches Nicole and Trudi.*

[Judges Cup]: http://www.techniquegym.com/meets/jcup/jcup.htm
[Sac State]: http://www.csus.edu/
[Pozsar’s Gymnastics]: http://www.pozsarsgymnastics.com/
[Airborne]: http://www.airborne-gymnastics.com/
[San Mateo Gymnastics]: http://www.sanmateogymnastics.com/
[Central Coast Gymnastics]: http://www.iflipforccg.com/

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  2. Bill says:

    I like the tiger stripes…the other teams should have got deductions for not being as cute!

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