Racism in Arden Park

Racism is still with us. My wife opened the curtains this morning and got to see this:


I’m so mad about this, I can’t even write anything more about this right now.

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3 Responses to Racism in Arden Park

  1. jane cleveland says:

    Have you been able to determine whether this was an act of vandalism or a direct slur at either the former owner or if recently sold, the new owner?

    If the new residents are a family of color, will you please let me know? I want to be one of the first to arrive on their doorstep with a welcoming plate of cookies.

    I am a little bit short, a little bit old, but if the sheriff has all the information it needs, I would like to come to either help wash this off or paint over it. Perhaps someone in the Arden Park group will help.

    I had a different reaction from yours. I wept. I sat at my computer without moving and just cried. I have lived here for almost 40 years and have never experienced this. I think each of us who is outraged or saddened must join together to keep this from happening again.

    Thank you for posting this for the AP group.

  2. Jim says:

    We’ve got some more information. The house hasn’t sold–the owner merely took it off the market and is in the process of moving in to their new house. They will be renting the place on San Ysidro after they get all their stuff moved out. None of the owners is black, nor are any of the nearby neighbors (in case somebody “missed” the house they were aiming for). This seems to be a random act, not directed at any particular person/family. Somebody was able to notify the owner, and he came out late this morning to remove the paint and touch up the garage door. (FYI, he used “Graffiti Gone” or “Graffiti Off”, something like that, which worked great!) You’d have to look *very* closely to notice anything amiss now.

    The Sheriff had come by earlier, but they weren’t able to do anything without hearing from the property owner or occupant. (!) I gave the officers all the contact info I had, and I talked to the owner when he came by to clean up the paint. Hopefully he followed through and contacted the Sheriff himself; otherwise, there was no crime committed.

    On a positive note, many people have expressed similar sentiments to Suzanne’s. Several people have stopped or come by and offered to help paint the garage door, donate paint, etc. And of course *everybody* on the block is going to be keeping an eye out their windows as late into the evening as they can!

  3. M. Lewis says:

    Racism in alive and well in AMERICA, the greatest nation on earth.

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