Foundation inspection: Passed!


(Also see our [foundation photoset]( on flickr.)

We passed our foundation inspection(s) on the first try. Woot! We’re getting three truckloads of concrete tomorrow morning, and the forms will be removed the following day. Our [utility trench]( will also get backfilled that day. Next week we should be building the floor for the addition and framing Barb’s quilt studio. (It’s on a slab, so the floor will already be done.)


Even though we’re only installing a 225 Amp panel at this time, we had a large conduit installed that will accommodate the beefy cables required for 400 A service in case we choose to upgrade later. This caught the inspector’s eye, and he noted that our [Ufer ground][] won’t be acceptable for 400 Amp service. This isn’t a problem now because we won’t need 400 A service at least until my shop is finished, so I’ll install a 20′ #0 copper ground wire when we pour that slab.

[Ufer ground]:

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4 Responses to Foundation inspection: Passed!

  1. Barb says:

    Wow! This looks great! Your wife is so lucky! 😉

  2. Glenda says:

    Thanks for the follow-up. Did they offer you a choice of sprinklers or upgrading the wharf hydrant or were they going to require the sprinklers either way?

  3. Warboss says:

    225, 226 whatever it takes. 😀

  4. Jim says:

    Glenda, follow-up is here.

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