What a weekend!

I can’t believe it’s been five days since I wrote an entry here. Seems longer in some ways, shorter in others…

Over the last few days, the framers have been installing the remaining joists. This morning, they finished with that and moved on to framing the walls for the quilt studio–notice I didn’t say, “*started* framing…”? These guys whipped out all the framing for that building in less than a day.

100_6365.JPG 100_6371.JPG

In my last post I mentioned that we had some rain, and it’s *still* not completely dried out. And of course, the wettest, muddiest spot is right where the plumber had to do the majority of his work. But the good news is that he has all the drains installed. I had to do some nimble redesigning of the kitchen this morning, since one of the joists ran right down the middle of the “wet wall” in our kitchen and the sink was going to end up on the wrong side of the current exterior wall. Let’s see: drill a 4″ hole through the old foundation and have rough-in plumbing sticking up in the middle of the existing kitchen; or move a joist 2″ and the kitchen sink about 15″? Hmm… I went with moving the sink a bit. We haven’t ordered our cabinets yet, so this isn’t a huge deal.


Speaking of the kitchen sink, we ordered that over the weekend. We found out today that it’s a “special order”, so it’s going to take about a month to get here. Good thing we ordered it early! If it arrives on time, it will be just about when we’re ready for it. We also ordered the toilet for the new bathroom, but that’s only going to take a week to get here. We’ve got a few more plumbing fixtures to order, and after our experience with the special-order sink I think we need to get cracking on the rest of these.

Most of our weekend was spent removing siding from the house. We got all the shingles off the south side, and a bit more than half off the west side. We also pulled a bunch of old wires, cable, etc. from the sides of the house, all in preparation for framing the addition and demolishing the south wall of the existing structure.


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