Framing finished

Don, our lead carpenter, was on-site this weekend to work on the framing for our addition. He finished the job mid-morning on Sunday, and I must say it turned out very well! We’ll definitely be requesting a bid from Don for our next job, (my shop). He doesn’t have a website yet, but it’s in the works. For the time being, here’s his contact info:

Don Moreno

Moreno Construction


The next step for our project is roof construction, which is supposed to start this week. (I think our contractor wasn’t expecting us to get the [roof demolition]( done in one day; otherwise, they would have had the crew ready to start *today*.)

Barb and I still need to pull the rafter tails from two walls, which we’ll start on tonight. Once we get that done, we’ll get back to sheathing the quilt shop. After that, we get to hone our skills by sheathing the addition.

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