Roofing started

Our roof was “loaded” (i.e. the material was delivered and distributed around the roof) on Tuesday. The truck just *barely* fit down the backyard driveway.


(More photos on the [Roofing photoset]( on Flickr.)

Hall’s Roofing started putting up our composition roof on Wednesday. Bill and his crew made a *lot* of progress on Thursday–by the end of the day they had most of the house covered:

100_1189.JPG 100_1191.JPG 100_1192.JPG

They hadn’t started on Barb’s quilt shop yet, but that’s an extremely simple roof–no penetrations, valleys or hips, just a simple gable roof with an easy 4/12 pitch.


Bill expects to finish the roof on Friday if it doesn’t get too hot; otherwise, they’ll knock out the remainder on Monday morning.

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