Maalouf’s Taste of Lebanon

My buddy, [Andy](, has been urging me for months to try the food at this Lebanese place he likes. But I’ve been coming home for lunch most days, and I wasn’t going to take my family there for dinner without trying it out first. Well, last week I stumbled across a [post by BeckyJSacto]( with a good review of Maalouf’s, and (based on some of her other posts) she seems to like many of the same places I do. Then last Friday my wife and kids ate dinner without me, and as I was riding home wondering what I might have for dinner, I realized that I was pretty close to a place with two solid recommendations in its favor. So in I went.

O. M. G! Maalouf’s is *fantastic*! I’ve been there three times in 8 days, which is insane for me–I never eat at the same place that often. The combination dinner is a great introduction to their fare: tabbouleh, hummus, beef shawarma, kafta, chicken shawarma and rice pilaf. It’s a *lot* of food, easily enough for 2-3 people. I’ve also had their stuffed grape leaves (with meat), which were excellent. And tonight I tried sojouk hummus–Armenian sausage with grilled onions and pine nuts, now my new favorite dish! We’ve also tried the baklava and “aish al saraiah”, both very tasty. My wife and I can’t decide which of the two is better, so we ordered one of each and split them.

I’m kicking myself for not trying this place earlier. Don’t be like me, get over there and try it ASAP!

Maalouf’s Taste of Lebanon

1433 Fulton Ave. Ste G (right next door to where Tiny’s Burgers used to be)

Sacramento, CA 95825


Maaloufs Taste of Lebanon

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