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I was browsing [][] over the weekend. [One of the members]( had a link that caught my eye: [LumberJocks][] is an online woodworkers community. [I joined]( immediately, even though my own shop won’t be done for at least six months. 🙁

Sacramento County will only permit up to 50% of *current* residential space for unoccupied additions, e.g. garages and shops. Our house was originally 1090 ft2, so the max non-occupiable square footage I would be able to permit was 545 ft2. Barb’s quilt shop was only 480 ft2, so that was the shop we built first. Our addition is 1120 ft2, so once that’s done we’ll have 2210 ft2 which’ll be more than enough for a permit for my shop (768 ft2). But I can’t even apply for a permit for my shop until both the house and Barb’s quilt shop have passed final inspection.

I probably won’t be very active on LumberJocks until our remodel/addition is finished. I may lurk from time to time, but I’ve been *way* too busy working on the wiring to get involved with anything else.


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