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Scott McGown has started a Mac-users email list for [CSUS][]. Here’s Scott’s invitation:

>You’re invited to subscribe to the new MACUSERS-L listproc. MACUSERS-L
is a discussion list to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information
concerning the use and support of Apple macintosh computers.

It doesn’t say anything about campus-only, and I just subscribed from my [gmail][] account so it looks like off-campus addresses are accepted, ***but***: this is a [listproc][] mailing list, and it’s especially finicky about off-campus addresses. In order to subscribe successfully, I had to send a plain-text (no HTML, no MIME!) message formatted *exactly* like this:

SUBSCRIBE MACUSERS-L firstname lastname

Leave the subject blank and send the message to listproc at csus. edu.

This is a brand new list, and I haven’t seen much traffic yet. The only significant discussion so far has been re [Parallels](http://tinyurl.com/yodjje) versus VM ware/Fusion.

[CSUS]: http://www.csus.edu/
[gmail]: http://mail.google.com/
[listproc]: http://www.cren.net/listproc/index.html

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