We passed!

We passed frame inspection! Woo hoo!

Lots of things are going to happen pretty quickly, now. Insulation goes in tomorrow (Wed). Drywall starts Thursday. Our plumber and HVAC people are also scheduled to be on-site Thursday to hook up the gas and fire up the furnace, respectively. (We need to have heat for the drywall tape and texture, which is scheduled for all of next week.) Our cabinet maker has already finished our cabinetry, so he’ll bring them down from his shop late next week or on Monday, Nov 12. Of course, this project wouldn’t be complete without at least one major scheduling glitch: our tile guy is going on vacation for two weeks, starting on Nov 14. We’re trying to work something out between the tile setter, the cabinet maker, and the drywall crew, to see if we can get the kitchen sink and counter tops done before the tile setter starts his vacation.

All the stuff above is being done by tradespeople. In the meantime, *we* have a few things to do as well. Tonight we need to prep for insulation, so all the exterior walls, (including between the house and the garage), need to be cleared and any outstanding wiring issues need to be finished, (e.g. telephone/network wiring, running the few remaining branch circuits into the breaker box). Wednesday night we need to make sure that the entire house and garage are completely empty, so that drywall can be delivered in each room and installed on Thursday morning. We’ll need to pick up a pair of high-efficiency filters for each of the HVAC returns by Thursday afternoon, so that our furnace doesn’t get ruined by drywall dust. This weekend (probably Saturday) we’re going to meet with our tile setter and figure out how many tiles need to be bullnosed in which direction(s), so we can get that started next week. Once we’re ready for tile, I think we’ll resume working on Barb’s quilt studio.

The end of our project is looking a little closer… Well, the end of [phase 1](http://sonicchicken.net/blog/wordpress/2007/06/21/remodel-master-plan/), at least.

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