I am *so* screwed… I ran the [portupgrade][] utility on one of our [FreeBSD][] servers at work. This was a production system that we used for printing certificates for our students, preparing address labels for [USPS][] shipments, and several other small (but crucial!) database applications. When I realized that the upgrade had roached all these business-critical apps, I tried to restore the system and found that my backups weren’t usable. ARRRRGH! From now on, I’m going to verify my backups by generating a [“table of contents”]( from the backup media *after* the backup is complete.


for ($i=1; $i<=100; $i++) { print "$i. I will *never* run portupgrade(1) again without making sure I have a *known good* backup!\n"; }

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2 Responses to Doh!

  1. Jim says:

    Well, after six straight days of working on this, I finally tracked down the issue. The LDAP extension got whacked by portupgrade. All I had to do was load the net/php5-ldap port and restart Apache:

    # portmaster net/php5-ldap
    (lots of output snipped)
    ===> Registering installation for php5-ldap-5.2.5_1

    The following line has been added to your /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini
    configuration file to automatically load the installed extension:

    ===> Cleaning for php5-ldap-5.2.5_1

    ===>>> Installation of net/php5-ldap (php5-ldap-5.2.5_1) complete
    # apachectl restart

    I’m almost positive that I tried rebuilding the net/php5-ldap module, but forgot to restart Apache when I tested it.

  2. Warboss says:

    Doh! Gilligan!!!!

    Just kidding, I know how easy it can be to overlook stuff (from my own personal experience). Just glad you got it up and going again! \o/ Yay! \o/

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