Phone banking for Obama


We’re gonna have our first “political party” next weekend at the not-quite-finished house. We’ll be hosting a [phone-banking party][party] aimed at getting out the progressive vote for Senator Obama during the [Texas primary/caucus][texas-primary]. I figure we can get about 20 people in the house, allowing for room to work and talk on cellular phones. If any Sacramento readers are interested, please [RSVP here][party] so we don’t get too crowded.

Senator Obama has won all 10 of the primaries/caucuses since [Super Tuesday][], and although there are four states holding primaries on March 4, it’s really all about Texas. Senator Clinton’s campaign has been battered throughout February, and it seems like she’s betting the remainder of her campaign on this one state. If she doesn’t win Texas, it looks like she’ll have to throw in the towel.

So come on out next weekend and [help us put Obama over the top][party] for the Democratic nomination!

[Super Tuesday]:

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2 Responses to Phone banking for Obama

  1. gimbler says:

    Good for you! I’ve done phone banking for candidates in the past and I can tell you it’s always a more pleasant experience when you have like minded people around you while you’re making your calls. I hope you have a blast! Good luck, Texas!

  2. I wish I was gonna be around I’d come call with yall.

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